How to Enjoy a Family Camping Trip?

How to Enjoy a Family Camping Trip?

If you haven’t tried camping with your family before, you might wonder why you should even consider it. First of all, camping is a lot cheaper than any other means of celebrating your holiday. Since you will have to make your own dinner, you can essentially half the budget which you would normally spend during normal days. And second, by camping you can be able to get a feel of nature.

If you’re wondering how to go camping with your family and actually enjoy it, then here are my top 5 camping tips for you:

1. Think about your camping needs

Before you head out to camping with your family, think about the reason why you want to go camping in the first place. Do you want to go on a road trip with your family and stop wherever you feel like? Are you planning to go camping on a hike? Do you want to pitch your tent and stay on the same place for a few days, or prefer setting it up on a new spot every single day? In fact, there isn’t one right way to camp, hence you should consider your own preferences and proceed to a camping holiday which suits you and your family.

2. Practice pitching your own tent

Practicing pitching the tent which you and your family will use during your trip is actually a good idea. Other than allowing you to look like a pro on the camping site, you can even find out if something’s missing right away as well. Of course, you don’t want to arrive at the scene without any tent pegs or poles with you.

3. Make sure to pitch your tent properly

How to Enjoy a Family Camping TripIn most cases, you will be given an assigned spot on a camping site. However, it would still be a wise idea to consider the direction you’re facing your tent on that pitch. Consider important factors such as the direction from where the wind is coming from, which part of your pitch is the softest and most level, the presence of any trees or something which could possibly fall on your tent, and the proximity of a camping fire spot (just in case you want to make a fire, which is at least 10 meters away from your tent). You want you and your family’s camping trip to be enjoyable and safe as possible, and considering such factors is a way to go.

4. Seek advice from a knowledgeable outdoor shop

Especially if this is the first time that you and your family tried camping, and you are a bit unsure of what to do or bring, seeking advice from an expert can actually help you save a lot of money and even time. For example, if you want to consider some expensive camping necessities such as sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and shoes, you might want to consider heading to a knowledgeable outdoor shop in order to seek for expert advice. Also, while you’re at it make sure you don’t even up with cheap products which could possibly break halfway through the trip.

5. Bring the right gear

Bringing the right camping gear with you is key towards a successful and enjoyable camping together with your family. However, you can also try being creative and create your own camping hacks for fixing some issues which might occur during the trip. When shopping for the right gear, always think about the 3 key elements of a successful camping: sleeping, cooking, and storage.

A Guide for Hiking at Wes Skiles

A Guide for Hiking at Wes Skiles

New hikers will really enjoy the outdoors and improve their health. Hiking can provide a relaxing way to burn off stress in the quiet atmosphere of the woods. Hiking can also provide glimpses into natural flora and fauna that would be otherwise missed at a local walking track. Hiking is a skill that is best learned with hands on experience.

Experienced Tourist

New hikers should realize that they have limits and there are little time constraints.New hikers should seek out a local hiking group or club to draw on the wisdom of experienced hikers. Groups are beneficial because the hikes are organized and the trip has been preplanned. Clubs will also help to motivate new hikers to actually get out and do it. Groups also will have a wide variety of experience levels and help to find a social hiking buddy or buddies with a simular experience level.

New hikers should use local parks to develop hiking skills. This would include the practice of planning hikes, building up muscular and cardio endurance, and as an outlet to field test new gear. Because the location is nearby and easily accessible, new hikers are more likely to be envoved in skill development.

Footwear Selection

New hikers need to use trial and error when selecting footwear. The most important point about footwear is a proper fit. Each hike will have different terrain and will require different types of footwear. Generally speaking, the longer hikes will require more durable footwear ( Training hikes in local parks can be suitable for cross training sneakers. Rough and rocky hikes will require rugged boots to prevent injury to the hiker. Changing socks during a hike is also recommended to ensure good foot hygiene.

A Guide for Hiking at Wes SkilesStaying hydrated is often overlooked by newbie hikers. Hydration breaks should be developed into the hiking plan. Hydration breaks allow new hikers to observe nature and take a small rest. New hikers should get into a habit of hydrating often and not gulp down large quantities at once. A good general rule is a quart of water to 2 hours hiking time. It is often too late to hydrate once signs of dehydration appear.

Knowing the terrain and having an adequate map will help new hikers adjust and implement their hiking plan. Maps can be useful for future hikes by making notes along the hike to indicate scenery, geographical features, and obstacles encountered on the trail. Hikers can build up quite a journal for regular trails and pass that knowledge along to other hikers.

It is best not to hike a backwoods trail alone. A new hiker should always share with a trusted person, a trail map, the planned route, and make some sort of communication with the person at the start, during, and at the end of the hike. In serious backwoods areas, a personal GPS locator device should be utilized. By no means should a new hiker or even an experienced one hike alone without someone else knowing the details of the hike. Being prepared, knowing personal limits, and perseverance are all keys to a newbie hiker’s success.

How To Set Up a Trail Camera For Better Shots?

How To Set Up a Trail Camera For Better Shots?

Whenever one goes hunting or scouting is usually a big problem to many. Whereas others will place their cameras on trees hoping that deer will pass for shots, others will prefer to do the shots by themselves throughout. Whichever way you choose to take the shots, the most important thing is to ensure perfect shots at the end of it all. This will be determined by how you set up a trail camera for the whole event. In here are key tips to setting up a trail camera for perfect shots. Further, you can read out the detailed guide on


Whether you are taking the shots by yourself or have positioned your camera for automatic shots, a proper location is a vital tip for good shots. Reason being, knowing where deer are during that particular period of the year will eventual determine whether you are likely to capture any pictures of them or not. This is indicated by water holes during summer and food sources during winter. If you position yourself or your cam around these places be sure not to miss a better shot. Especially, around those areas they follow to water or food.


The sun’s intense glare is not very good for capturing good shots. It is therefore advisable to position your trail camera facing north or south whichever way that works best for you. But never due east or west as this will compromise the quality shots you get. For instance, you’ll end up getting whited-out or blurred images, which of course are not the best shots we’re looking for. It’s not very easy to identify these directions blindly; therefore you need to take compasses with you for such outdoor events for precise and correct directions.

Remove Obstruction

How To Set Up a Trail Camera For Better ShotsThe whole process of getting deer photos involves getting them unaware which will need you to hide your trail camera, in the event you risk getting obstruction from leaves and branches. Therefore as much as you try to hide the trail camera so you are not seen (that is if you are taking pictures by yourself) and from theft (if it’s attached to a tree for automatic shots) ensure the face of the trail cam is free from any sort of obstruction. By so doing you are making better the ability and possibilities of great shots.

Angle Camera to Trail

Be keen to ensure your trail camera is 45 degrees to the trail as this will enable you capture the whole animal. Most people who do not heed to this simple rule end up having pictures of the half animal and not the whole of it. Similarly if you are taking the shots by yourself make sure the trail cam is as high as your head, maintaining that angle will give you the best results. Holding the trail cam perpendicular to the trail will only compromise your end result, as sometimes if the deer notice the cam they will try to avoid it, which will leave you with no photos at all.


Having all these tips in mind whenever you are taking trail shots, rest assured the outcome will be the best you’ve ever taken.

3 Reasons to Bring a Telescope on Camping Trip

3 Reasons to Bring a Telescope on Camping Trip

Camping can be so much fun, especially if it is the whole family going on the trip. One of the best ways to enjoy the trip is to bring a telescope that has enough magnification that will allow members of the trip to see the night sky better. One of the concerns that people have when they think of bringing an astronomy telescope packing it. Some people think that in order to see better, a large telescope which is difficult to setup is needed.

Larger telescopes are often delicate and difficult to move around because of their lenses and their weight so a smaller one is needed when your intention is to transport it often. Recent innovations have made smaller telescopes just as good at bringing in details as slightly bigger ones. Aside from ease of transport and setup, the smaller versions are not so painful on the budget but still deliver on the magic of astronomy. There are several benefits to lugging along a telescope and it is not just the adults that will see these benefits. The following are three reasons to bring a telescope on your camping trip.

1. Share the Magic of the Stars

Family camping trips often have unwilling older children who wish they were somewhere else. Well, astronomy is a great way to bond with young and old members of the family. The family can enjoy gazing up to a clear dark sky, even without a telescope (if it’s not their turn yet!) and taking turns looking at the wonders of outer space. Even the most cantankerous kids will pause for just a while to wonder at the planets, the stars and constellations. There is something very exciting about actually looking at specific planets and stars with your own eyes.

2. Learn Astronomy

Gazing up into the sky and enjoying what you see is different from actually learning about astronomy and outer space. There are practical applications to learning about the positions of the stars; navigation being one of them. Learning aspects of astronomy can be handy for kids in school and for adults, it can open up your eyes to something really special that can be accessed on a clear, dark night using a good telescope, learn more about how to choose the best telescope for you over the web. A lot of people get hooked on astronomy because they borrowed a friend’s telescope out of curiosity and they never looked back. As a hobby, astronomy has so many possibilities.

3. Aside from Using a Telescope

3 Reasons to Bring a Telescope on Camping TripTo gaze at the night sky, some telescopes can also be put to good use during the day. Some adjustments may be necessary to use some telescopes during daytime but it can be done. Bird watching, mountain watching or just looking at the forest or countryside can be just as enthralling as stargazing. The small, transportable telescope can just as easily be used for daytime nature watching as it is for nighttime stargazing. Members of the family can take turns looking through the telescope and enjoying the views or whatever they wish to magnify. The tops of the mountains and clouds can be seen in great detail using this kind of telescope, read more about the different types of telescopes over at

These are just three reasons to bring a telescope on your camping trip. The enjoyment of seeing the world and outer space through a new perspective can occupy the members of the family for hours.

Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies for Hunters

Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies for Hunters

If you are a serious hunter, you truly enjoy being outdoors and dread the end of hunting season. Tired of just looking forward to the next hunting season or cleaning your rifle again? Here are three outdoor hobbies for hunters that will keep you occupied and sharp for next season. These hobbies are free and will help you get or stay acquainted with the area you plan on hunting.

1. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to stay in shape, test out new gear, and scout hunting areas. Hiking gives you the opportunity to observe wildlife without worrying about shot placement. It is one of the best ways to prepare for your hunting trip by keeping your mind and body sharp. The more time you spend in the area you will be hunting, the better your chances of a successful hunt. Hiking is a great way to scout trail camera locations as well. You have time to look for game trails and find good places to secure your cameras.

2. Shed Hunting

Hunting for sheds can be a rewarding activity in more than one way. Some sheds can be very valuable, and nearly all sheds have some value. They are also found in areas that you might be likely to find an animal during hunting season; after-all, one was there at some point to drop that antler. Shed hunting is a great way to spend a weekend with friends and family, or a day alone in the woods. It gives you the opportunity to take some less traveled roads that you may not take during hunting season. You can sit and glass a hillside, or walk through an aspen grove.

3. Geocaching

Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies for HuntersGeocaching has gained a lot of popularity recently, and with good reason. It is an excellent way to get to know the terrain as well as your GPS equipment. It gives you a rare opportunity to intimately explore the landscape and terrain features of your hunting area. It also has the added benefit of introducing you to new areas. There are geocache locations scattered across the country and you should have no problem getting the coordinates of several near you with a quick Google search. Try out your GPS and learn the different features all while enjoying a day searching for a hidden treasure. Some geocache sites have trinkets left by the previous person, and some simply have a list to write your name on. No matter what you find, you will find fulfillment and satisfaction.

These three outdoor hobbies will keep you busy, sharp, and ready for next season. They also give you the opportunity to spend more time in the places you love. No matter the season you are looking forward to, these hobbies will help you be prepared. They are all free, minus the gas and gear, and are things you can do alone or with others. Don’t forget to take a camera along on any of your excursions to document good trails, water holes, sheds, or that monster buck.

9 Steps: A Useful Guide to Air Rifle Shooting

9 Steps: A Useful Guide to Air Rifle Shooting

The most effective air rifle will be the one which can do the job accurately and cleanly and, therefore, follow these steps mentioned below to get the best result. It is imperative to remain calm and also aim properly. It is not very difficult to use a rifle; however, it will be more rewarding in case you can do it correctly. The tips mentioned below in this complete guide to air rifle shooting can be applied for both advanced as well as beginner shooters to get the best result using a pellet gun (you can learn more about air rifles over at

1. Always keep in mind to select a rifle which fits you physically. In fact, both the weight, as well as the length of the rifle, is very important. The best-fit rifle will be the one which you’ll be able to hold comfortably at 90 degrees to your body without any need of keeping it on anything.

2. An excellent technique for home sighting will be to bore-sight it. For practicing this particular move, it is advisable to use a break barrel air rifle. At first, the barrel must be broken just a little till you’re able to see down the barrel and then take aim at a fixed target. Bear in mind that you should never look down from the barrel’s end because it might result in an eye injury. As soon as you have decided and also aimed at the target take a look through the sights and also line those up while keeping the barrel directed at the target.

3. The stock should be placed into the right shoulder to see whether or not it feels comfy. If you’re left-handed then you might find this position to be uncomfortable and, in that case, it will be prudent to purchase left-handed rifles to fulfill your requirement.

A Useful Guide to Air Rifle Shooting4. Put the dominant hand on the rifle’s grip and your fingers must be kept off the rifle’s trigger at this point.

5. The distance from the grip to your shoulder has to be measured and your other hand ought to be placed under the rifle’s body with the same distance forward. Don’t place your hand on the barrel.

6. There is no need to move your eye down, but you might hold the rifle across your body as an alternative. This particular position is able to make you remain side-on to the target and this will enable you to sight along the rifle’s barrel simply by leaning your head slightly. In fact, it is the most controlling shooting position while using an air rifle.

7. One should take deep breaths while holding the rifle. It is prudent to raise the pellet gun slightly while you do so. At this point try to keep the sights lined up and then breathe out gradually and smoothly. The sight is going to slowly come down and meet your target while the rifle sinks down gradually. The trigger must be squeezed gently as the sight gets to the spot at which you’re aiming.

8. Make it a point to calculate exactly where the target was hit. The sight will not be perfect during the first try and, therefore, try to adjust. In case it is landed a little high, try to aim a bit lower. Soon you’ll be able to comprehend exactly where and how to sight properly at the first shot with all the experience that you gather. Try to learn from your body and mind alike.

9. Keep on practicing in order to polish your proficiency. Each time you observe somebody making a great shot, just remember that it is an outcome of honing skills. Practice makes a man perfect and you should always remember this old saying.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Ease Aching Muscles After Exhausted Hiking

Inflatable Hot Tubs Ease Aching Muscles After Exhausted Hiking

Inflatable Hot Tubs Beat the Aching Muscles

Nature lovers are always ready to explore any outdoor activity that is at their exposure such as hiking, mountain climbing, camping or even hunting. There is nothing more relaxing as enjoying a good soak in a hot tub after a long tedious outdoor activity. Thanks to technology advancement of inflatable hot tubs, you can possibly enjoy relaxation after a long hiking day outside the comfort of your home. If you are a fan of camping, hunting or hiking then you cannot afford to not include inflatable hot tub on your outdoor-wish list. Your favourite line about outdoor recreation will be how I unwind in my inflatable hot tube after a hiking trip.

Perfect Idea for Romantic Outdoor Date

This is actually a perfect idea of creating a romantic getaway in the woods. The idea of soaking in a hot tub with your soul mate after that hike is mind-blowing. To add creativity to the whole outdoor romantic idea, you can make a campfire to compliment the entire scenario. Moreover this is also an excellent way of bonding with your family and friends or workmates. After the hike or hunting you can all soak in the hot tub spa and enjoy a conversation together.

A Soothe for Aching Muscles

Inflatable Hot Tubs Ease Aching Muscles After Exhausted HikingOutdoor activities such as mountain climbing and hiking can leave you with body aches and soaking in a hot tub of warm water may seem like an exciting idea that helps to relieve stress as well as alleviate aching joints and muscles. Inflatable hot tubs are portable thus can be carried to your desired destination. In addition, they come with easy maintenance and are easy to setup. This innovation comes in handy since you will no longer have to cut short your camping trip to rush home to enjoy the comfort of your traditional hot tub.

Very Convenient

The market is flooded with unique inflatable hot tubs that can as well as offer you relaxation and comfort after indulging in outdoor activity. Good thing with inflatable hot tub is its light weight making it easier to carry it with you to your hiking or camping expedition. Inflatable hot tubs can accommodate four people making it perfect for a family outdoor activity. It is very easy to setup. All you need to do is inflate it and fill it with water. You can visit for more information on portable and inflatable hot tubs.


After a long hiking day, nothing can soothe achy muscles better than relaxing in a warm hot tub spa. Choosing which inflatable hot tub to buy for your outdoor needs can seem like a daunting task. However, they came in a wide variety of different colors, features and sizes and you can definitely find one that suits your pocket and needs. If you opt not to deal with air pumps, you can go for self inflating hot tubs. When making your inflatable hot tub purchase, you can make your selection based on the accessories such as seats, headrest and cup holders.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Issues With a Water Softener?

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Issues With a Water Softener?

Going into the outdoors for some recreational activities such as camping and hiking can be a great experience. However if one does not take the appropriate precautions their trip can turn from a dream into a nightmare in an instant. One of these includes ensuing that you have clean soft water during your trip.

Why is Hard Water Harmful?

Hard water isn’t harmful in the short term for human health but if the water contains high amounts of fluoride then it could discolor your teeth in the long term. In addition to this hard water forms scum and makes it difficult for soap to lather therefore making washing almost impossible and increasing the chances of your clothes splotching.

How Do I Tell If Water In the Outdoors Is Hard?

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Issues With a Water SoftenerMost of the water you will encounter in the outdoors will most likely be groundwater which has ultimately acquired ions of metals such as magnesium and potassium by dissolving them from surrounding soil and rock. You can buy a test kit and measure the amount of hardness in the water which is calibrated as ‘grains per gallon’. If the water tests at 1 GPG then it is soft water, if it tests anything above 7 GPG then the water is hard water and if it tests anything above that then you have encountered very hard water.

Picking a Water Softener

Water softeners come in many a breed (see reviews at but the most effective are the ion exchange softeners which wok on the principal of adding salt (sodium chloride) to the water which is then used to exchange the magnesium and potassium ions. The next step is to establish how much water you need to be softened per day. An average home uses an average 100 gallons of water a day and thus requires a 27,000 grain range water softener. Any water softener around this range should provide enough water for an entire family’s use. Lastly one needs to ensure that their water softener is portable as it will be used in the outdoors.


Water softeners are relatively easy to install if one has some basic plumbing and electrical skills. The packaging will provide a step by step guide on how to install your respective water softener to your water supply and it should be easy to follow. One can also rely on online tutorials if the provided manual is not easy to use. Finally you can request the attendant at the retailer where you are acquiring your water softener to pre-install it for you.


Water softeners usually contain electrical elements that are sensitive to the harsh weather conditions of the outdoors. In this regard one should ensure that;

1. The water softener is insulated or buried underground if you are staying in cold weather. This will prevent the water inside the softener from freezing and damaging the entire unit.

2. The water softener is kept in some form of protective housing to prevent it from damage from external elements such as rain, wind and excessive sunshine.

Bottom Line

Please note that some portable water softener will require a rechargeable battery to operate. One should ensure they have adequate charging facilities to cope with this.

How to Enjoy a Metal Detector with Your Kids?

How to Enjoy a Metal Detector with Your Kids?

Nowadays, parents are somehow concerned about the fact that their children spend too much time playing video games or on the computer. This does not mean those activities are harmful, but children should also spend time outdoors and connected to their surroundings. Sometimes it is the parents’ job to entice kids to change their routines and engage in different activities that could bring great benefits for them. Among these great projects there are a few that involve walking around with a metal detector, something that can be fun both for the kid and the adult.

Benefits of Being a Metal Detective with Kids

The first benefit that comes to mind with this task is that it allows the kid to move around. Although some kids are naturally interested in staying active through sports, biking, etc., some other kids need a different incentive in order to engage in a physically dynamic venture.

In this sense, this task creates a feeling of accomplishment with no special talent needed. Therefore, most kids could feel good about themselves without putting too much effort on the task. On the other hand, if no objects are found, the kid does not feel it has anything to do with a lack of ability. It is just bad luck. In addition, using a metal detector with your kids can be a bonding activity. These kind of projects are always an amazing way to have quality time with your children, while finding great surprises.

After finding a suitable metal detector for your child (see for reviews), the next step is to decide on a location to go and wander around. The best places to go with a metal detector are outdoor public spaces, such as beaches, parks and lakes. The idea behind this is that in these places it is more common to find objects that have been left behind by other people who have visited the place.How to Enjoy a Metal Detector with Your Kids 1

Other places like historical sites, businesses and homes are not recommended because it might be illegal to do metal detector searches around them. It might be a good idea to ask first if the place needs a permit in order to engage in this kind of activity. In case there are no good places around your area to do any metal detector searches, there is also an option to stage a scenario for your kid. This could be done in your own backyard.

The Most Common Tasks

The most common projects are treasure hunts, where parents bury some metal objects for their kids to find them later. An idea that can be very exciting and fun for a birthday party. Another interesting project is to create a metal time capsule and bury it in the yard. After a few years, you can use the metal detector to find it and rememorate all the things that were important at the time of the burial.

Finding objects can be an exhilarating activity that can even make your kid interested in history if the objects found are coins or relics of any kind. If you are looking for an activity to share time with your kid, you can definitely try this one. It is something everyone can enjoy.

Recurve Bow or Crossbow – Which Is Better?

Recurve Bow or Crossbow – Which Is Better?

The only real similarity in the recurve and compound bows are they both have arrows and strings. Similar to the debate of the AR-15 and the AK-47, hunters are argued over whether a compound or recurve bow is superior. Both have entirely different pros and cons. Before making a purchase, it is important to note the major variances between them. The body shapes of the two bows are vastly different. The classic or old-fashioned style of bow is the recurve. It is the style that has been used by hunters globally for centuries. The bow has one string and the body. It’s pretty straight forward and most are made of wood or fiberglass. Those made of fiberglass or carbon is known to have great durability.

The compound bow has utilized modern technological advances and enhanced materials. They have a series of strings and pulleys that attach to the main limbs. The limbs are made from either carbon or aluminum. These bows are much smaller than that of the recurve. They are also sturdier. Many hunters prefer the use of these bows when going through thick terrain, or when they have a long distance to walk. Their lightweight makes them easy to transport.

The Power Factor

Power and accuracy are what any good hunter desires, and judging by this alone, the compound bow wins. Because of the draw strength and the longer strings, the archer crossbow (check the site out for the best crossbow reviews) can be pulled further back and this generates greater power. However, the bow is also much easier to hold, because it doesn’t require much strength. This allows the hunter to have improved stability and hold the stance while waiting for the right shot.

The recurve bow doesn’t have as much power. It also requires more force to hold the draw for any period of time. This causes many hunters to shake and it reduces their accuracy while waiting for a clear shot. For those who draw and shot immediately, the accuracy of both bows is comparable.


Accessories are obtainable for both types of bows. However, there are more available for the compound bows. The most coveted additions are sights or trigger releases. Hunters prefer the sights because they help a person to aim. The trigger release makes it easier to release the bowstring steadily, causing better accuracy. You can buy recurves with sites, but this is unusual because recurve users are usually traditionalists who favor a most intuitive and skills-based practice.


Because of the power and accuracy in a compound bow, they are commonly used for hunting. They have the ability to shoot their arrows over a long distance. Hunters find that they are perfect for getting the prize deer or bear. The recurve bows are used for smaller animals. They are mostly used in shooting competitions. They can kill larger animals, but the placement becomes an issue.

Budgetary Concerns

Due to the fact that the recurve bow doesn’t have all the complex mechanisms, it is always cheaper. It’s basically a body with a string attached. The compound bow has a larger body with a pulley system and the strings are much larger. The compound bow tends to be higher in price, but shopping around may find a both bows at similar costs.

Bottom Line

So considering the recurve bow or crossbow, which is better? The answer is neither. Both of these types of bows are great when used in their proper place. It is really a matter of personal preference and budget. Of course, the skills and experience of the archer also come into play.

Survival Knife Review

Survival Knife Review

When it comes to survival knives, there are hundreds if not thousands of them available in the market today, with all promising to give you the best service. However, only a few of these live up to their promises, and that is why it is recommended that you first gather reviews from trusted sources like us here, or from people who have used the product in question.

In our case today, we look at survival knives, their features, pros and cons etc. If you wish to learn more about these amazing knives (and choose the best on, then please read along.

Survival Knife Review

Survival knives are convenient and multipurpose tools that can help you perform countless tasks without much difficulty outdoors. They are easily worn around the hip and are very portable. Whether you are preparing food, firewood, or hunting, these knives will provide you with everything that you need.

Features Of Survival Knives

Survival Knife Review

  1. Size

Yes, you heard me right. Size matters a lot when choosing a survival knife. The bigger the blade, the better service it will offer. Bigger blades can withstand even the toughest of punishments. A smaller blade can easily break or bend when put to the test.

  1. Fixed blade

Fixed blade knives are tougher and reliable than folding survival knives. A joint is a point of weakness and ensure you choose fixed blade knives that are better suited for complicated tasks.

  1. Material

Choose survival knives that are made from one continuous piece of tough and continuous metal. Partial tang blades have a tendency of becoming loose from the handle and are hard to use after words.

  1. Sharp pointed tip

Your survival knife should have a sharp pointed tip that is very useful for defense from any kind of attack, hunting or preparing food. Avoid knives having with rounded, angled, straight and hooked tips that can’t help you do some tasks.

  1. Double edged blade

Any survivalist understands that a knife with a double edged blade stands head and shoulder tall against the rest when it comes to versatility.

  1. Blade Length

Go for knives which have a blade that measures between four to six inches if you are looking for a mixture of control and size.


– Are portable and can be carried everyday

– Can be used for performing countless tasks both indoors and outdoors

– Are pocket friendly and can be afforded by many people

– They come with a warranty so you have nothing to lose if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


– The benefits of having this product far outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, any survivalist out there is aware that there is nothing to lose when purchasing this product.

Bottom Line

Is a Survival Knife Worth Purchasing?

Well, this product is highly recommended for everyone and not survivalists alone. Survival knives have been in the market for long now and have been receiving thousands of rave reviews regarding their toughness, versatility and effectiveness of assisting users complete countless tasks without much difficulty. Hopefully, you have learned a few things with regards to choosing the right survival knife and that you will make the right choice.

Ways to Use Rifle Scope at Wesley C. Skiles

Ways to Use Rifle Scope at Wesley C. Skiles


Peacock Springs State Park was recently renamed in honor of the fallen hero Wesley C. Skiles. Is named is now immortalized one of Florida’s most famous parks. A great way to honor his memory would be to visit this park in order to contribute to wildlife conservation. Florida allows people with rifles fitted with scopes to come in for some limited hunting. However, the state has some very tough regulations on hunting game in the parks.


One of the laws in Florida is that a person will be considered liable for someone hunting deer illegally. In addition, it is illegal for someone to trespass on private land to hunt for game. The hunting season is carefully examined before permits are issued. This is done to ensure that numbers do not dwindle. People who are convicted felons are barred from carrying a gun anywhere in the state let alone state parks. The state has strict regulations on what types of game can be hunted. Breaking any of these laws could lead to huge fines and lengthy bans.

How to Use the Riflescope?

Ways to Use Rifle Scope at Wesley C. SkilesSome riflescopes are very powerful. As a result, they offer detail to the users. This can be turned to one’s advantage even when the game seems elusive. For instance, the scope can be watched for game watching. This is as gratifying as hunting game. Catching a glimpse of a rare animal can lead to lifetime memories. It can be used to study animals that are rare as they move around in their natural habitat. With the scope mounted on a rifle, it serves both the purpose of protection and as a way to observe the animals.

When to Hunt Game?

Hunting things like birds in this park is quite restricted. In fact, people only have a few minutes at dawn or dusk to hunt birds. The most appropriate time to hunt other bigger game is when the regulations allow it. Failure to do this could lead to huge fines.

For the bigger game, dusk is most appropriate. The animals are just coming out of their holes to feed or take a drink of water. One needs to be extremely stealthy to avoid detection. However, it is important to wear bright fluorescent clothing that makes them visible to other hunters. Failure to do this could lead to one being shot.

How to Choose the Scope?

The right scope depends on factors such as the rifle one is using. However, most scopes are designed for use with a number of different scopes. The most important aspect of a scope is not the price; it is the ability to deliver (have a keen look at the top rated rifle scopes on

Since most hunting takes place in low light, it would be appropriate to bring one that is illuminated. This makes it easier to identify targets in the dark. Amateur hunters should choose a cheap scope on their first hunt. The lessons learned can be used to get a more functional scope.


The park is a great place to have a rifle scope. Besides hunting and observing wildlife, stargazers can use a riflescope. This is especially so for rifle scopes that have powerful magnification.