Ways to Use Rifle Scope at Wesley C. Skiles


Peacock Springs State Park was recently renamed in honor of the fallen hero Wesley C. Skiles. Is named is now immortalized one of Florida’s most famous parks. A great way to honor his memory would be to visit this park in order to contribute to wildlife conservation. Florida allows people with rifles fitted with scopes to come in for some limited hunting. However, the state has some very tough regulations on hunting game in the parks.


One of the laws in Florida is that a person will be considered liable for someone hunting deer illegally. In addition, it is illegal for someone to trespass on private land to hunt for game. The hunting season is carefully examined before permits are issued. This is done to ensure that numbers do not dwindle. People who are convicted felons are barred from carrying a gun anywhere in the state let alone state parks. The state has strict regulations on what types of game can be hunted. Breaking any of these laws could lead to huge fines and lengthy bans.

How to Use the Riflescope?

Ways to Use Rifle Scope at Wesley C. SkilesSome riflescopes are very powerful. As a result, they offer detail to the users. This can be turned to one’s advantage even when the game seems elusive. For instance, the scope can be watched for game watching. This is as gratifying as hunting game. Catching a glimpse of a rare animal can lead to lifetime memories. It can be used to study animals that are rare as they move around in their natural habitat. With the scope mounted on a rifle, it serves both the purpose of protection and as a way to observe the animals.

When to Hunt Game?

Hunting things like birds in this park is quite restricted. In fact, people only have a few minutes at dawn or dusk to hunt birds. The most appropriate time to hunt other bigger game is when the regulations allow it. Failure to do this could lead to huge fines.

For the bigger game, dusk is most appropriate. The animals are just coming out of their holes to feed or take a drink of water. One needs to be extremely stealthy to avoid detection. However, it is important to wear bright fluorescent clothing that makes them visible to other hunters. Failure to do this could lead to one being shot.

How to Choose the Scope?

The right scope depends on factors such as the rifle one is using. However, most scopes are designed for use with a number of different scopes. The most important aspect of a scope is not the price; it is the ability to deliver (have a keen look at the top rated rifle scopes on www.bestriflescopereviews.org).

Since most hunting takes place in low light, it would be appropriate to bring one that is illuminated. This makes it easier to identify targets in the dark. Amateur hunters should choose a cheap scope on their first hunt. The lessons learned can be used to get a more functional scope.


The park is a great place to have a rifle scope. Besides hunting and observing wildlife, stargazers can use a riflescope. This is especially so for rifle scopes that have powerful magnification.

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